Whether you have small plans or you want to cover a large factory roof with solar panels, we are here to help, from the first consideration to the handover of your State of the Art PV system.

It starts with a desire, an idea, the vision to contribute to the fight of global warming. Being sustainable is the beginning of a better world for our upcoming generations. No matter whether it is a small house or a large factory, every PV panel counts.


Off grid system with storage

In areas without access to grid, the off grid system is the only choice. With such a system, the electricity is only available during sunshine. With a storage the availability of electricity can be extended into the evening or even through the night, depending on the requirement and the system design. Such systems usually consist of the panels, a battery charger, an inverter and an energy storage. For storage the market offers conventional deep cycle lead batteries, lithium ion (LiFePo4) batteries or super capacitors. Aero Solar is involved in the development  of a storage system based on hydrogen, that is planned to be available by 2020.


On grid system

The most common system is the on grid system. It supports the grid and reduces the electricity cost. The inverter is connected to the grid and delivers energy synchronous to the grid. If well designed, the energy from the PV system will always have first priority and the grid supplies the balance.



At current regulations here in Thailand we are not allowed to feed back any surplus energy into the grid. Even a well designed system will often supply more energy than required and the balance is suppressed and lost. In order to fully utilize the energy from the PV panels, we offer storage systems with electrolyzers, producing hydrogen. This storage system is currently under testing and fine tuning, expected to be available in 2020. The hydrogen can be transferred back into electricity. It can also be used in fabrication processes and for mobility.



In cooperation with a Swiss based solar company we can supply micro grids of different sizes. The systems can be configured to meet any demand and come in containers with storage. A microgrid is distributing the power to the community.


Solar Water Pumps

Thailand is currently using diesel engines for irrigation, polluting the environment. With our large solar water pump selection, operated directely on solar PV, the pollution is fully eliminated, while running costs are zero. The disadvantage of water availability dependance on the sunshine hours can be compensated with an adequate water management. If the situation requires an occasional increase of water outside sunshine hours, the pumps can be operated with grid power or generator.

Our recommended and preferred brand is LORENTZ from Germany. Our first installed system from 6 years ago is operating everyday without any failure.

- Small/Medium Pump Station

- Large Pump Station