Solar Solutions

Our services cover every step from the first scratch to handover and beyond.

A good concept would usually start with an assessment of your current situation and with recommendations to increase your efficiency without affecting convenience.

In a second step we would prepare a proposal of the most suitable solar solution for your situation.

The next step would address your budget and your particular needs to generate the final proposal. Solar plants can be installed section by section, to suit your long term budget plan.

Once approved, material can be ordered and installation preparations can be made. When the installation is completed and tested, the Authorities will inspect the works and give green light for operation.

The power production of your PV Plant can be displayed only for you, or for the public via internet.

PV applications are widly maintenance free. However, depending on the situation we recommend an inspection every 6 to 12 months. We can work out a mainenance contract that ensures continues maximum performance and an increased life expectancy of your PV system.

Photovoltaic(PV) Solar Installations by AERO Solar

What materials do we use:

The Solar Rail is the interface between an existing roof structure and the PV panels. We have our own Aluminium profiles, usually in mill finish for best surface conductivity. If aesthetics or architectural aspects ask for another finish, we can anodize or paint to suit any requirement.

Fasteners and Fixings are in stainless steel 304.

If the situation requires a sub structure, we only provide pre-fabricated steel sections in hot dip galvanizing, bolted together on site. With this we can assure, you get the best possible corrosion protection for your system.

Electrical equipment, such as Inverters, cables and connectors are purchased from well established manufacturers with good reputation and quality products. PV panels are imported from from Taiwan, Hong Kong or China.

Contact us now for a free and independent assessment of your current power consumption and brief recommendations for a possible solar plant.