Energy Survey


Energy Efficiency to save Costs and for a better Environment

Saving Costs

Often our customers notice a high and increasing electricity bill. Many of them consider PV (Solar) Panels and expect a miracle.

With current energy cost and prices for PV equipment, the time for return of investment is around 5 to 10 years. With this in mind we often approach the challenge from a different angle.


Energy efficiency can help reducing your energy consumption and it contributes to a better environment.


We find rather obvious reasons for a high energy consumption and often we also discover hidden issues. Let's look at obvious reasons in your home or office first:

  • Inefficient lighting, turned on all night, sometimes 24 hours

  • Open doors and windows while air conditioners are running

  • Leaking refrigerators

  • Leaking water pipes with the pump running for hours

  • Peak consumption at high unit cost


For production facilities of any kind we come across of all above mentioned reasons, plus the following:

  • Careless usage due to lack of information / training

  • Neglected maintenance

  • Unbalanced usage within a 3 Phase mains supply

  • Old installations with creepage current

  • Old and inefficient machinery


Our Services

We audit your house or factory to determine and identify possible current and energy leaks. This is a very straight forward process. Our engineers place our energy data loggers, ENDALO's ™, in your breaker box. These are contact-less magnetic induction sensors i.e. there is no need to interrupt your current operation. After 1-7 days we collect the ENDALO's and analyze the logged data with our ENIUSE ™ software to give you the real energy consumption. The results will be matched with your electricity bill and possible mismatches identified.