The company AERO Solar and Automation Co. Ltd. was founded in 2014 by an enthusiastic Swiss, committed to contribute to a better environment. Since then we have installed over 2 MWp of solar photovoltaic, providing the equivalent of the energy consumption of about 1’000 households.

With our expertise in the renewable energy sector we guide our clients and architects through the planning of new projects, as well as the refurbishment works of existing structures into a sustainable future. A rooftop solar plant is adding value to our clients image, while reducing the cost for electrical energy.

We offer turnkey systems upto 1 MWp, on-grid and off-grid, either fully owned by the end user or financed in several ways, with and without PPA. (Power Purchase Agreement) For financing options please contact us.

Our team is committed to safety, quality and sustainability


AERO Solar and Automation Co. Ltd.

678/49 Sam Wa Road, Bang Chan

Klong Sam Wa, Minburi

Bangkok 10510

The Team:

Sureerat Aeschbacher

Rolf Aeschbacher

Thomas Luescher

Areerat Polna

and Site personnel